About SkillPASS

What is SkillPASS?

SkillPASS is an industry competency management scheme for verifying the competency. SkillPASS enables workers to provide proof of competency to comply with company, project and regulatory requirements with the aim to minimize the risk of untrained personnel carrying out any work.

SkillPASS is strictly controlled through business protocols backed up by SkillPASS administration to ensure that information is only accessed by authorized users. All data is hosted in Australia.

Benefits of SkillPASS:

  • Proof of competency to work across multiple worksites.
  • Manage workers individual records and skills sets, training and competencies.
  • Minimizes the need for staff to carry large amounts of cards and paper based documentation to worksites.
  • Track expiring competencies.
  • Assists companies to comply with client and regulatory reporting requirements.

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SkillPASS seamlessly manages workforce skills and qualifications in one secure location.


SkillPASS tracks expiring competencies, notifying individuals and employers when a competency, qualification or skill needs renewal.


SkillPASS allows organisations to build an overview of all skills required to work on designated sites, ensuring workers are fulfilling their job requirements safely.


SkillPASS can assist with organisational and regulatory reporting requirements.

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